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About Us

VS JEWEL, we begin with core commitment to ethical values. We believe in treating our customer with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. Quality control makes are product magnificent; our focus has always been on creating new designs that cater to a wide customer base. The main motto of company is providing exclusive Diamond & CZ jewellery with best craftsmanship at competitive rates.

Business Activity

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VS JEWEL found its beginnings in 2000 by Mr. Vishal Soni. A pioneer in the field with a very rich business background, Mr. Soni managed his joint family business of jewellery in Surat until he set up VS entirely on his own from scratch. This was backed not only by this knowledge of the industry, but also by tremendous amount of courage and determination.

Starting with team of few members, with its very first steps in the traditional Surat gold market, every VS design is unique in its own way and different to the next. Also product design department always give us something innovative to introduce. We owe this to our wide network of distributors throughout the state. His vision of product designs and range of jewellery to the quality craftsmanship and excellent customer services makes VS the timeless brand that it is today.

We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturer‘s and supplier of CZ gold jewellery ornaments like Ladies Bracelet, Ladies Ring, Gents Ring and Pendent set with best craftsmanship at competitive rates. We do not compromise quality diamond jewellery never done that with a competitive price.

Chairman Message

The opportunity to mange my family’s business in gold jewellery has provided me extensive knowledge in this field and has also formed a strong foundation for setting up VS. Over the last 17 years, I have seen our small team of few members grow into a leading gold brand in the region. Every piece is distinctive in style and design, crafted to perfection and to your satisfaction. We hope to continue serving you with artistic jewellery and reputed service for years to come.

Company Strategy


To be leader in the Diamond and CZ jewellery by providing enhanced production, services, relationship and profitability.


To provide quality finished item & services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customer.


To build long term relationship with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.


Our team of young and eccentric people wish to take challenges and out stand the market with it unbeatable precision in the design itself.

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To build good reputation in the field of jewellery industry for become key player in the industry. Increase the investment in production of diamond & cz jewellery to support the development of company and its expands.